Iron / Folic Acid / Vitamin Supplement Capsules

Dual Action Iron Therapy

Tandem® Plus Capsules provide 106 mg of elemental iron that replete both the ferritin (stored) and transferrin (circulating) iron levels. Tandem Plus also contains Folic Acid and selected Vitamins for your complete, well rounded therapy.

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106 mg of Elemental Iron
Each Tandem® Plus capsule is equivalent to about 106 mg of elemental iron.

Two Sources of Iron
Dual Action Technology for increased toleration, absorption and repletion of both the ferritin (stored) and transferrin (circulating) iron levels.

Folic Acid
Tandem® Plus contains 1 mg of folic acid to treat certain types of anemia (not enough red blood cells).

Vitamin C Absorption Promoter
Vitamin C is a powerful enhancer of nonheme iron absorption. The enhancement of iron absorption from vegetable meals is directly proportional to the quantity of Vitamin C present.

Convenient Dosing
Odorless, tasteless and easy to swallow: Take one Tandem® Plus capsule a day between meals or as prescribed by physician.

No Calcium
Like many other multi vitamins, Tandem® Plus does not contain any calcium for optimal iron absorption.