A patented treatment for the symptoms of vaginal and urogenital infections

<br/>Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

… and their answers.

What other, inactive ingredients does Hylafem pH have?
All inactive ingredients are listed on the "About" page.

Where can I buy Hylafem pH?
You can purchase Hylafem pH in every pharmacy in the United States. Because Hylafem pH is a specialty product, the pharmacy may have to order it for you, which takes usually 24-48 hours.

Would my health insurance pay for Hylafem pH?
Your heath insurance may pay for Hylafem pH, however, every health insurance determines its own coverage.
However, Hylafem pH is priced to meet many insurance deductibles.

How much does Hylafem pH cost at the pharmacy?
Unfortunatly, we have no control over the final pharmacy price. Every pharmacy determines its own price for Hylafem pH.

Could it make a difference to compare prices for Hylafem pH?
Yes, it could. Every pharmacy determines its on price for Hylafem pH.