Iron / Vitamin C / Folic Acid / Probiotic Supplement

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No wonder, because Fusion™ Sprinkles can be mixed with their favorite foods or drinks.

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No wonder, because Fusion™ Sprinkles contain 100% daily value of elemental iron for children.

Easy to swallow, pleasant tasting iron sprinkles in a convenient packet. Fusion™ Sprinkles can be mixed with cold foods or drinks.

Two Sources of Iron
Dual Action Technology for increased toleration, absorption and repletion of both the ferritin (stored) and transferrin (circulating) iron levels.

Probiotic KE-99
Fusion™ Sprinkles patent protected probiotic lactobacillus KE-99 for increased comfort of your digestive system.

Vitamin C Absorption Promoter
Vitamin C is a powerful enhancer of nonheme iron absorption. The enhancement of iron absorption from vegetable meals is directly proportional to the quantity of Vitamin C present.

No Refrigeration Needed
Fusion™ Sprinkles can be stored at controlled room temperature 59° to 86° F
(15° to 30°C).

Gluten Free
Fusion™ Sprinkles is 100% gluten free and fat free.

No Calcium
Like many other multi vitamins, Fusion™ Sprinkles does not contain any calcium for optimal iron absorption.