Nutritional Supplement enhanced with Folic Acid and Lactobacillus casei KE-99

Restore your Flora with Restora RX™
New. With the Full Power of Probiotic KE-99.

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Probiotic KE-99 for Increased Comfort
Restora RX™ patent protected probiotic lactobacillus KE-99 for increased comfort of your digestive system.

Acid Resistant
KE-99's patented probiotic strain has excellent resistance to gastric acids, bile and pancreatic juice. As a result, Restora RX™ has a greater chance to reach your entire digestive system.

Enhanced Growth
KE-99 combined with flax seed oil can increase the recovery, growth and efficacy of the probiotic.

Convenient Dosing
Odorless, tasteless and easy to swallow: Take one Restora RX™ capsule a day between meals or as prescribed by physician.

No Refrigeration Needed
Restora RX™ can be stored at controlled room temperature 59° to 86° F
(15° to 30°C).

Restora RX™ is manufactured with Vcaps® capsule shells that are Kosher certified, Halal certified and Vegetarian Society approved.

Gluten Free
Restora RX™ is 100% gluten free, fat free and sugar free.